Help for Mums, Dads and Guardians

Being in a relationship is difficult. Having a relationship and being a parent while remaining in love is even more difficult. Children will not rescue a relationship. The pressure of the requirements of parenting will highlight any cracks in the relationship and the child will then try and compensate for their parent’s relationship. The parental wound will then have to be carried by the child and carried into the next generation.

Relationships are a trap!

Only if Love exists within the relationship will the adults not be trapped. Love is always the answer.

Couple relating involves helping the individuals relate as adults, asking for their needs to be met, giving to the other and realising that not all your needs can be met by your partner. That’s what it means to be an adult. Primary focus involves caring for any children and explaining to the couple the needs of the children and the individual responsibility of mum and dad. This realigns responsibility with the parents and the children can return to the business of a child’s life

A child’s life has two constituents - to play and have fun.

Within couple relating sessions the adults learn how to relate as adults. They learn how to stop relating as an individual as per any hidden burden, loyalty or identification they may be carrying from their family of origin. This allows them to move into the space of relating through love, presence and giving. This brings freedom to the relationship which the children can then experience in their own lives.

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