Family Constellations

Family constellations or systemic group work is a form of therapy originated by Bert Hellinger that removes energetic family entanglements that allows love flow more freely within the individuals life. Systemic work views the individual as part of a system therefore problems in the person’s life can be alleviated through understanding the dynamics of their original family system by viewing it as a whole.

By relaxing into the system and saying ‘yes’ to the laws that govern family movements allows the person relax with life. The laws that govern families are designed to protect the survival of the individual and family which cannot be circumnavigated. Violation of these laws results in suffering but violations are caused not by rebelliousness but through a ‘unconscious blind love’.

The way the work highlights these hidden blind loyalties is through the setting up of a constellation whereby group participants play the energetic role of the family of origin. Through careful analysis of the energetic field (morphic field) hidden entanglements are revealed that show the destructive patterns that are causing the suffering in the client’s life.

Healing movements and healing sentences are then introduced that bring clarity and love back into the family dynamic. The collection conscious as opposed to the personal/group conscious within the family unit can also be exposed to identify the dynamic of life whereby we are all one unit of consciousness.

I was trained in family constellation by Svagito Liebermeister a disciple of the Indian enlightened master Osho.

Monthly Evening Class In Family Constellation

On two evenings per month I hold an evening class of family to bring the healing the healing that is family constellations our people.

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