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Testamonials For Astral Healing Course

The course for me has built my confidence to stand in my own power as a woman, healer and Devine channeller. It has allowed me connect to my light body and my clients life bodies to help trigger and heal imprints from this and past lives. We are then free to move forward in our energy systems to a new state of spiritual being. It’s about learning to love the self and then passing on our knowledge to those who want to learn from us.

Participant B.

Thank you so much for your excellent Astral Healing course. It has been life changing and a life enhancing experience. Before the course I was like a boat adrift on a stormy sea. The course has provided a harbour, a shelter from the madness of life. A place to develop my self esteem and healing gifts that were dormant. I just never stopped to look. Blessings and best luck in the future.

Participant T.

The course has taught me a lot about myself; How to read energies and how to unblock energy channels. I have enjoyed the course and am looking forward to put what I have learnt to practice.

Participant P.

I started off doing the course to help heal my heartache and it seemed very confusing at times but the more I let my energy flow and gave my life over to who I really am, the more I have realised that this is my path in life and am beginning to see the bigger picture.

Participant A.

Since the start of this course I have learned that I am more accepting of myself and am not as critical of other people around me. I am now doing things that I never thought I would be able to do but it so helped me as a person.

I think the course helps so much and therefore everyone around you.

Participant B

Since starting the Astral Healing course with Gerry my life has changed in many ways. My personal life is much different. Many doors are opening for me. I’m helping children and adults with their problems as many cannot talk to family or friends. I advise people if they get the opportunity to attend this course as I’ve come a long way.

Participant F

By doing this course it has totally given my perspective on life a 360 degree turn. I no longer react to people and situations the way I used to. Negative people and situations seem to “bounce off” me. I am more positive towards life. I now understand why certain things have happened to me and why they haven’t. I seem to understand people better too. I have released a lot of emotions that I have held for a long time.

Participant M

On a professional level: the knowledge I have gained from understanding my past was unimaginable. The lessons I have experienced are golden – profound. My path now is to teach and spread this enlightenment received both from the group and my lecturer.

From the soul of my energies thank you!

Participant C

This course is very interesting; it’s fun practical and magical. Through the spiritual laws, psychological energy work, the course takes you on an inward journey. While sometimes painful it is also liberating. It’s a journey to the true self of the Divine within you.

Participant C.

This course has helped me a lot since I started: I feel like I’ve changed a lot. Personally, I am more confident. I didn’t know a lot about it when I started but I was interested in it and now I can tell people all about it instead of feeling self conscious about what people think.

Participant B.

This course has helped me to trust myself and my gifts. I feel able to share what I know with other people to enable them to learn about energy so they can learn to heal themselves. It has increased my confidence and I now react differently to situations. I let things go more easily.

Participant F.

This course has brought calm and clarity to the craziness of my mind. It has allowed me to accept who I am and inspired me to full fill life’s purpose. I am happier more content and confident in my life.

This course is a gift, it gave me back the life I lost and has helped me find myself and move forward in the most positive manner I am so grateful for it.

Participant A.

I feel the course brought me to a deeper level in myself and I am able to tap into pure energy from source. This is our Devine right. I can now live from a better place in myself and accept all as an intelligence far greater then the physical is at work.

Participant A.

Results so far due to my experiences of the course

A. Self acceptance.

B. More tolerant of others and the world.

C. Easier on myself and

D. See the goodness in others.

Participant F.

This course has opened lots of doors for me and I feel as if I am actually beginning to know myself. Just today, a penny dropped and I realised through the Astral Healing Therapy techniques what was going on in my life and was able to make sense of it. I am excited to at last begin to know me. Brilliant.

Participant S.

I love the course. I know I am learning a lot from the mixture of energies which is very good. I love the shamanic aspect of the course.  I am learning all the time from the presentation of the knowledge from all the different angles. I now realise that I have to get on with my career and teach. As I find it hard to let go of issues, I now understand myself much better and where I should go.

Participant M.

The course has brought me to a more confident place within myself along with my practise of energy healing. It seems a rocky road to get to this place. The first course I came through it kicking and screaming. I now am able to trust myself and the healing energy.

Participant MT.

The course has developed me into myself. In my quest to heal my own wounds, it has been the best therapy ever and I have tried a few. I have learned to understand me and therefore others.

Client C.

Since attending the course, I haven’t looked back. I have experienced a lot of healing of past issues and now feel I am heading in the right direction. I am now helping others in similar stages of their healing process. I feel lighter and am able to manage my energy and therefore able to help others. I trust more then I ever did in my life.

Participant T.

I entered the course with no idea what to expect, what to do or where I was going. As an artist I hoped the course would help me develop my career. Little did I know what an enormous shift would come into my being – ‘Being’. I think I always had an ability to see and feel things but the group in Gerry’s course have so helped me not just understand but to take it further. Thanks to Gerry and all the course participants I am open to my Devine purpose.

Participant C.

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