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What is Astral Healing?

Astral Healing is a way of life not just an energetic treatment.

Astral healing is a methodology of healing that supports the emergence of our true essence. The course will answer the eternal question of ‘what type of person am I?  The energetic treatment is conducted upon the persons light body. The persons light body consists of the chakra system, the cauldron system, the emotional light body and the tree of life system. These systems emerge upon the crown chakra and can be ‘healed’ using the therapist’s breath to transmute their negative emotional energy. As the person’s inner world has now changed, this is reflected via the spiritual laws governing mankind into positive changes in the person’s outer world. Over the weeks and months of transformation of the persons inner world (astral plane), the person will grow into the life they came down to Earth to live.

Does a person have to be religious to practise Astral Healing?

No. At all times an individual’s free will is sacrosanct. While through your experiences with Astral Healing you can be left in no doubt as the existence of your Guides, Angels, Earth energies and the Fairy realm, you can choose to train purely for the enjoyment of your life. The choice is yours.

Can anyone practise Astral Healing?

Yes. Astral Healing is a safe simple treatment that can produce very powerful results in a short space of time. No special gifts, titles or experiences are necessary to be successful in practising Astral Healing.

How will my life change over the weeks/months practising Astral Healing?

Astral healing is a methodology that can be proven from both a psychological and energetic standpoint. Therefore, many emotional complaints will diminish in intensity or be eradicated from your life. You will become empowered as your essence will reflect a more authentic vibration from your being. Your confidence will increase, opportunities will present themselves and you will change your perception of reality. You will get glimpses of your hidden emotions stored from your childhood, ancestors or past lives that are possibly hindering your progress in your life. Your relationships will begin to reflect who you are as you become more sure footed in what type of ‘man or woman’ you are? Your finances will reflect the measure of your own self worth. You will cease to blame others from your life and will begin to take responsibility for your own happiness. More importantly, you will know how to remove energetic blockages from within your energy field when they emerge from the astral plane. Astral healing is a way of life and not just an energetic treatment.

Is there much study involved in learning Astral Healing?

Just as much study for you to realise the power that is given to you through your energetic light body in the operation of your life. For some, they will want to know the basic knowledge and how to change their future. Level 1 is suitable for self empowerment and self actualisation.

Others may already be an energy worker or therapist and wish to intrigrate Astral Healing into their therapeutic practise. Level 2 is suitable for introducing the therapy to the public or your clients. Therefore your own knowledge, intuition and perception of human energetic consciousness must be based upon a sound psychological and energetic standpoint. The course is easy to understand and makes sense in the real world.

How does Astral Healing differ from other energy treatments?

Astral healing is different in that will learn the structure of reality and how it operates through your life. Your viewpoint of your relationships, career and happiness will develop to such a degree that you will be able to change your future into the life you want to lead. Astral healing is not just about learning healing on your light body but is simply a way of life.

Can Astral Healing be integrated into my therapeutic practise?

Yes. Since the knowledge in the course has a sound psychological foundation, the treatment can be utilised to transform human suffering. Astral healing is a safe, powerful healing methodology. Once trauma is understood from a human energetic viewpoint then the therapist will be confident to perform the treatment on their clients. This knowledge is taught in level 2.

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