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Astral Healing Course Contents Level  1

Soul With A Mind


The Science behind Energy Psychology

Understanding energy psychology

The Energetic and Psychological Chakra System.

Utilising Spiritual and Earth Energies.

Energetic healing sequence

Learning your craft as a healer

How to Meditate energetically

Sending Discarnate spirits to the Light.

The hierarchy of emotions

The Energetic and Psychological Chakra System

Past life Energetic Bands.


Energetic Therapeutic Healing Methodologies.

Astral Healing

Somatic Healing

Removing Imprints within the layers of the Light Body

Connecting A Person to light and Wisdom during a treatment

Etheric crystals in the third eye

Energetic breath work

Healing the heart Chakra

Healing a Damaged Chakra

Reconnecting a persons energetic Roots.

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