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Code of Ethics, Practise and Standards of The Astral HealingFoundation

(1) Astral Healing Foundation..

The Astral Healing Foundation is a totally autonomous association of like minded therapists. The Astral Healing foundation is a not for profit organisation which aims to empower people to self actualise through developing human consciousness. The Astral Healing Post Graduate Association is open to suitably qualified ethical practitioners who use energy healing and /or psychology to treat emotional and nervous disorders.

The Astral HealingFoundation consists of

a registered business name called the Gerry Coleman School of Astral Healing

a charitable organisation engaged in Charitable deeds.

A training school called the Gerry Coleman School of Astral Healing.

A steering committee directing the content of the training school.

A disciplinary committee governing the code of ethics, practise and standards of the Astral Healing School and practitioners.

An external examination committee adjudicating the attainment of the standards of examinations by its students and members.

A Astral Healing therapist post graduate association.

The astral Healing foundation exists to promote the advancement of human consciousness through the rehabilitation of persons suffering from nervous disorders and emotional problems and to promote the training of its members and education for the general public.

(2) Introductory Statement.

(a)The code of ethics is established in accordance with the bye laws of the Astral Healing foundation post graduate association.

(b) The expression therapist or member or graduate or practitioner shall mean a member practising or training to practise as an Astral Healing therapist.

© It is a condition of membership that each applicant for membership undertakes in writing to be bound by the terms of Code of Ethics and conduct.

(d) Breach or violation of the terms of the code of ethics may lead to termination of membership of the foundation.

(e) Professional misconduct shall mean any action with regard to the pursuit of the Foundations Post Graduate Association profession which is unethical or which is contrary to the specific rules of conduct set out in the code.

(f) In absence of any evidence to the contrary, any breach of the code shall be evidence of professional misconduct.

(g) The resignation of the foundations post graduate association member shall not be allowed to impede the process of any investigation or disciplinary action as long as the alleged complaint or breach of the code or alleged offence under the associations disciplinary code took place during the foundations post graduate members membership.

(h) A member whose conduct is under investigation and who resigns from the foundations post graduate association, will not be allowed to re-join the foundations post graduate association without the satisfactory completion of the process of any investigation or disciplinary action.

The Foundations Aims and Objectives.

Mission Statement of The Astral Healing Therapist Training Course.

The Astral Healing Therapist Training course is designed to equip the student with the knowledge, both energetically and psychologically to practise as a Astral Healing Therapist. A Astral Healing Therapist will practise psychology based on Jungian Analytical Depth psychology and also heal the Human Light body utilising the Angelic Realm and The Astral Healing Therapy.

Our Ethos.

The Astral Healing Foundation promotes the Ethos of mutual respect, honour and compassion towards all life.

Our Beliefs.

We believe that people are spiritual energetic beings in a human body.

We believe that life is a journey of learning and opportunity.

We believe that we are all one with no person greater or lesser then another.

We believe that there is only love whereas lack of love is ignorance.

We believe that we are incarnating in every moment of your life.

We believe in people’s right to free will.

We believe that it’s mankind’s destiny to ‘enlighten’ while on his journey on Earth.

Vision and Objectives of the Astral Healing Foundation, Code of Ethics.

To gain a knowledge of the spiritual Laws governing mankind.

To gain a knowledge of the essence of mankind both Psychologically and Energetically.

To raise awareness of the functions and responsibilities of the Angelic realm.

To develop the individual personally.

To develop the skills in people to help others be free in their lives

To challenge attitudes towards a singular approach of human development.

To examine ways of accessing knowledge from further a field.

To train individuals in healing methods in the Astral Healingtherapy.

What the Astral Healing Course is….

A course promoting self growth and development in a nurturing and caring environment, providing the knowledge and ability to practice as a holistic Therapist.

The purpose of the Foundations board, steering committee, register of members is to encourage the highest standards of Therapy, both psychological and/or energetic practise within its membership. It will achieve this aim through the following methods

1. Assessing courses of study for its members and approving those courses which meets the highest standards of professionalism.

2. Conducting examinations for membership to the foundation or for those who wish to be certified from the foundation and maintaining a register of members who qualify in this way.

3. Requiring registered members to observe standards of practise and code of ethics as prescribed by the foundation.

4. Investigating and adjudicating on complaints against registered members. Any member found in breach or default of the prescribed standard of practise or code of ethics may be removed from membership.

5. Promoting the recognition of energetic healing/psychotherapy as a distinct and separate profession.

6. Publishing a directory (soft or hard copy) of persons registered and certified and referring them to anyone seeking help through energetic/ psychological therapy.

7. Promoting continuing educational programmes e.g. conferences, lectures, workshops, seminars etc.

8. Maintaining a public relations office that will promote the foundations aims and objectives, courses and members to the general public.

9. Providing a network which will allow professionals to share experiences with members of the foundation.

10. Raise awareness of energetic/ psychological healing and its beneficial outcome among the general public.

11. Promote the Astral Healing Foundation as the most ethical and professional body in its field.

12. Attract new membership and students to the Astral HealingFoundation.

13. To make the work of the Foundation relevant to the ordinary person. To also demystify the science behind energetic healing.

14. To co-operate with any recognised body, association, either in Ireland or the UK, Europe or worldwide who have similar aims and objectives. To affiliate or become affiliated to any similar organisation which promotes the aims and objectives of the foundation in a ethical manner.

15. To promote the statutory regulation of the foundation in relation to the Laws of the Land.

Responsibilities to Clients.

1. Astral Healing PGA members are expected to approach their work in a professional and ethical manner with a knowledge of clients emotional disturbance from either/or an energetic or psychological viewpoint. This viewpoint should respect the dignity of each person and acknowledge the clients right to free will. The competence of the therapist should be reflected in their skill and modus operandi.

2. Astral Healing PGA therapists should inform clients of their diagnosis as to what methods of therapy they will employ in the therapeutic setting.

3. Astral Healing P.G.A members are required to discuss with clients the expected number of sessions, the duration of sessions, the fees, how payment should be scheduled and method of payment.

4. The client enters into an agreement with the therapist whether written or verbal and at all times the therapist should communicate in a straightforward manner the nature of that contract.

5. There should be no hidden charges or extra fees in behalf of the therapist to client in their therapeutic relationship.

6. Astral Healing Therapists are responsible for communicating with their clients the outcomes of their therapy, the methodology employed in attaining that outcome, desired outcome of the therapy. The therapist should also communicate if necessary to whom the Therapist owes accountability e.g. supervisor etc. Methods of recording sessions should also be communicated to the client.

7. The Astral Healing Member will hold a record of the client session. This should include at  the minimum, such information as the clients name, age, address, contact no and presenting problems. Unusual occurrences during the session should be reordered and/or brought to the attention of your supervisor.

8. Astral Healing Therapists who become aware of a conflict between their obligations to a client as set out in this code and any legal or ethical obligation to another agency or any personal contracts will discuss with and make explicit to the client the nature of those loyalties and conflicts.

9. Astral Healing therapists must be aware of their limits to their own competence at all times.. Members must be prepared in consultation with a client to make an appropriate referral where necessary to another professional. It is preferable to give clients a choice of therapists. In making a referral, it is advisable for the member to verify the integrity, competency and integrity of the professional to whom the referral is referred.

10. If the client requests, a chaperon may be present during the session. The therapist may advise that this is possible during the opening stages of therapy but may hinder the client’s development once transference enters the therapeutic dynamic. (The chaperon may represent the client’s resistance).

11. The Astral Healing therapist shall not accept any form of commission or split fee relating to the referral of a client to a third party whether a member of the Astral Healingorganisation or not.

Contracts with Third Parties and Publications.

1. The relationship between the therapist and client is confidential whether

a person enquires about therapy and does not attend therapy or

Attends therapy where the proceedings of therapy is confidential.

2. The context of the interaction must remain confidential at all times.

3. Clinical Records. Ensure that client’s notes are kept confidential and stored in a safe and secure manner at all times. Members must ensure that computer records are within the terms of the Data Protection Act.

4. Confidentiality. The Astral Healing therapist must obtain written permission before any recording of a therapy session takes place. If appropriate the permission of the Childs legal guardian/parents must be sought if the child is under 18 years of age.

5. Contact between the clients family members, relatives or third parties with regards third partied must remain confidential at all times and should only happen with the express consent of the client.

6. Exceptions may be made in the following circumstances

Where minors (under 18) are involved

In the case of clients where the therapist feels that they are in danger to themselves or others.

If disclosure is ordered by a judge, Coroner or other similar official having such powers.

7. Personal information must at all times be regarded as confidential whether obtained directly from a client or by inference and where possible, the client must be informed before any disclosure is made. Death of a client does not terminate this agreement.

8. The Astral Healing therapist must obtain in writing the verifiable consent of the client before the publication of any content of their therapy. The anonymity of the client shall be preserved unless written prior consent is obtained. The therapist must not publish any content the client requests not to do so.

9. The  Astral Healing therapist must inform the client as to what nature of recording of sessions, the means of the recording and the reasons as to why permission is sought from the client as to the reasons of the recording of the therapy e.g. training of therapist.

10. Should the Astral Healing Therapist be faced with any conflict between the responsibility to the client and any legal obligations, then the therapist must conform to the letter of the law.

11. Any case notes, history or correspondence should be retained in a safe place for a minimum of 7 years.

12. Astral Healing therapist when making statements or when involved in public activity or involved in the media, should make it clear whether they are acting as members of specific organisations, or groups, or as representatives of a discipline of psychotherapy/ energetic healing.

13. The Astral Healing Therapist main concern is to their client  and to ensure that any third party e.g. family etc are aware of this.

14. Astral Healing therapists seek to promote ethics, integrity in the art and science of Psychotherapy/energy healing. They shall not participate, condone, or allow themselves to be associated with public performances, dishonesty or fraud.

15. Astral Healing therapists should act to help colleagues to stop or offset the potential consequences of negative transference which could harm their colleagues clients and /or reputation. Due to the subtle nature of energy healing people can be unaware of the development or emergence of their shadow side.

16. Astral Healing Therapists should advise clients as to the issues and emotions emerging within their light body. At the finish of each session the therapist should recap on the development of their emotional light body and explain what emotions that the client could be addressing over the coming weeks,

17. If any therapist has any doubt as to the practise or operation of another therapist, then that therapist should consult their supervisor or contact the disciplinary committee of the Astral Healing Foundation.

18. Astral Healing therapists practise ‘clean therapy’ and should at all times avoid conflicts of interests. The therapists aim is to not exploit any professional relationship to further their own personal, political or business interests.

Non Exploitation.

1.The relationship between the client and therapist is a professional relationship and the Astral Healing therapist must not exploit clients in financial, emotional sexual or other ways or use the effects of suggestion, transference, hypnosis or energetic means to gain benefit themselves from another. The therapist should not touch the client in a way that could be open to misinterpretation. In social settings the therapeutic relationship should be maintained and it the responsibility of the therapist to make and protect that distinction.

2. The therapist, at all times, should use a blanket or throw over the client when on a plinth. The therapist manner of work should indicate the protection of the clients body, feelings and sexuality.

3. The Astral Healing Therapist should not sell or endorse any services or products that could be deemed to influence the client in the purchase of those products.

4. During the professional relationship and upon ceasing the therapy with their client, the Astral Healing Therapist should not have any sexual relations with the client.

5. The Astral Healing therapist should recognise the importance of the working relationship with their client and note the influence and power the therapist  at times may possess within the artificial therapeutic dynamic. The therapist should at all times promote the best interests of the client.

6.The Astral Healing Therapist must engage in supervision for their own good and the good of their clients and practise. Astral Healing therapists must be open to evaluate the effectiveness of their therapeutic approach and engage in retraining if necessary and continuous training on an ongoing basis.

7. The Astral Healing Therapist should not solicit or disclose in any way, without the written consent of the client, any testimonial or commentary of their therapy.

8. The Astral Healing therapist, as far as possible, should advise the client to seek medical advice if deemed necessary, or to seek alternative therapy that is beyond the scope of the therapist.

9. Astral Healing therapists must protect confidentiality provided that confidentiality does not contravene the Law of the land.

10.Astral Healing Therapists must ensure the safety of their clients or chaperon while on their premises. The premises should be fit for its purpose and professional in relation to the service provided.

11. Astral Healing Therapists must consider the right of their clients to free will, self determination, any ethical, religious, gender, age, disability, politics, or social standing to adversely influence the clients treatment.


Astral Healing therapists must ensure the safe keeping of notes, files and correspondence of their therapeutic work with their clients. The sharing of anonymous case histories does not constitute a breach of confidentiality. All Astral Healing Therapists either formally as in a written contract or verbally form a contract with their client. Verbal contracts are open to misinterpretation. The contract (written or verbal) should state the cost per session, the duration of sessions, the amount of sessions deemed necessary etc for the client. The contract should also specify that there is no guarantee of a cure. The contract should specify the right to the complaints and disciplinary committee of the Astral Healing foundation for the client.

Code of Practice and Ethics.

The code of Practice and ethics should be regarded (along with supervision) as an aid to the therapist in building and maintaining a successful career in the healing profession.  Astral Healing therapy is based on the premise that mankind can evolve into self realisation and find emotional comfort in his physical presence.

Astral Healing therapists are dedicated to the advancement of consciousness of mankind. We conduct this methodology through holistic ideals based on humanistic ideals that promote free will and self determination.

Each Therapist as a member of our profession carries the responsibility of furthering the professionalism and practise of energetic psychotherapy.

The code of Ethics and Standards is by which the therapist may determine the propriety of his conduct in his relationship with clients, colleagues, members of allied professions and with the general public.

1.The principle thrust of The Astral Healing therapy is to advance human consciousness through free will and self determination while earning the confidence, respect and dignity of man. Each therapist must offer the full measure of service and devotion to mankind.

2. Astral Healing therapists should continually strive to improve their skill and knowledge and offer their services to mankind.

3. Astral Healing therapists should observe the laws of their country, obey the rules and dignity of their association and their self imposed disciplines.

4.Astral Healing therapists will not illegally practise medicine and at all times refer clients to the medical profession when deemed prudent to do so.

5. Astral Healing therapists may not dispense medical information unless qualified to do so. At no times should the therapist contravene a clients medical advise.

6.Astral Healing therapists should never suggest away the symptoms of a disease or disorder unless written advise is obtained from a suitable qualified medical professional.

7. The Astral Healing therapist should at all times be mindful of his duty of care towards his client, never claiming skills which are not in fact possessed, never offering skills outside the scope of his training and competence, being aware of their own limitations and where ever necessary referring a client to a suitable qualified third party.

8. A Astral Healing therapist should discharge, at the earliest possible moment, a client that presents for treatment that is consistent with the good care of the client.

9.A Astral Healing therapist should avoid dual relationships with his/her clients and should never offer his services under terms and conditions that might impair the exercise and free will of his professional judgement and skill, reduce the quality of his service or risk exploitation.

10. A Astral Healing therapist must never say, perform, do, carry out or otherwise perform any word or action by deed or inference so as to bring into disrepute the use of psychology, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and energy healing.

11. The Astral Healing therapist must respect and honour the clients right to privacy unless he/she is required to do so by law. The therapist must obtain written permission to record, by any means whatsoever, any part of the therapeutic relationship with his/her client e.g. for testimonial’s etc. The permission should clearly state the intention of the permission. Minors under the age of 18 must give their parental written consent for such permission. Confidentiality must be respected even though such permission has been obtained.

12. Astral Healing therapists must not guarantee, publish, promise cures within their therapies unless they can be scientifically proven.

13.A Astral Healing therapist must never be involved in public performances that bring the profession into disrepute.

14.The Astral Healing therapist must engage in supervision on a regular basis according to his own private needs, his skill and knowledge and the business of his practise.

15. A Astral Healing therapist must at their own expense obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance and agree to practise as a therapist only when insurance is in place. The therapist must submit a copy of his insurance certificate each year to the foundation.

16. Students  of the Astral Healing therapy are also required to possess insurance and upon qualification are required to obtain professional therapist insurance as per 15 above.

17. Astral Healing therapists are required to pay annual due’s by the annual due date for membership of the foundation. Failure to adhere to the due day may result in your membership withdrawn and the exclusion of your benefits.

18.All certificates, logos, letters of accreditation or other written communications issued by the foundation remain the property of the foundation and shall be returned to the foundation as and when the membership ceases or upon written request from the director of the foundation.

19. Therapists are committed to ongoing training and attend at least 1 workshop per calendar year.

20. Astral Healing therapists accept the necessity of supervision and attend supervision.

21.Astral Healing therapists are responsible for organising their own energetic therapy which is similar with the principles of energetic Astral Healing therapy. If in doubt, students should consult with the foundation to verify the recognition of their therapist. The number of sessions should ideally be a minimum of 20 sessions usually monthly (or at different intervals when necessary).

22. Never to treat a person under the age of 16 unless written parental permission is granted and only if a guardian/observer is present.

23. Each member is required to print on all promotional literature ‘Current member of the Astral Healing Foundation,

24. Students to become full members of the Astral Healing Foundation Post Graduate Association must become members of the Astral Healing foundation.

25. Astral Healing therapists must ensure any other third party organisation that they are affiliated with is ethical and professional and does not contravene any rules of the code of ethics and standards of practise of the Astral Healing foundation.

26. The Astral Healing therapist is free to accept or refuse to treat a person if they so wish.

27. An Astral Healing foundation post graduate member must ensure if sharing any advertising, office space, building, reception facilities, health therapists etc that the other parties have professional insurance in place and are profession in manner and practise to the degree that the reputation of the Astral Healing therapist and foundation are not undermined.

28. It is the responsibility of the Astral Healing therapist to notify any changes to his/her name, place of practise, contact details etc to the foundation or if any contact details are promoted incorrectly by the foundation.

29. Astral Healing therapists must not make any claims of their ability or practise unless able to scientifically prove the claim promoted by the member.

30. Astral Healing therapists must explain to clients at the first session their policy of missed or cancelled appointments, their fees, charges etc. It is preferable that such policies are written and not verbal which is open to misinterpretation.

31. Astral Healing therapists must produce a business card and exploratory brochure that does not contravene the rules, ethos and code of practise of the foundation.

32. Astral Healing therapists must conduct themselves in a manner at all times that promotes the professionalism, standards and ethos of their profession and the foundation and never act in a manner to bring energy healing or the foundation into disrepute.

33. Therapy should be practised within the therapist’s professional healing room unless their work involves the renting of rooms, premises or an workshop in nature.

34. Astral Healing therapists should concern themselves with the fact that therapy will not in any way harm or damage or confuse the client.

35. Student after successfully qualifying are entitled to print after their names Member of Astral Healing Foundation (M.A.H.F).

36. The Astral Healing therapist should use a throw or blanket at all times when utilising a plinth. The therapist should ensure that the feet and head of the client is all that is touched by the therapist during the session. It is the responsibility of the therapist to ensure that no misunderstanding with regards human contact occurs.

37. It is the therapist’s responsibility to ensure that they engage responsibly and honestly with their supervisor in an open and frank manner.

38. Astral Healing therapists must ensure that their supervision is supportive of their need as a human being and a therapist.

39. Astral Healing therapists who complete 500 hours of supervision are entitled to use the words accredited member of the Astral Healing foundation.

Disciplinary Committee and complaints procedure.

A complaint may be the general conduct or manner in which they carry out the any formal process as a Astral Healing therapist.

The intention is to conciliate issues and problems without resort to sanction. It aims for resolution by negotiation and mediation.

Unless the accused person(s) request, the proceedings of the complaint shall be treated as confidential.

Any person raising a complaint or with information in relation to a complaint must not be harasses or victimised in any way, by any person or third party. Such actions shall lead to disciplinary proceedings.

The complaint should ideally be dealt with within 28 days except in exceptional circumstances. Information gathering will take place and if it emerges that the complaint was of a serious nature then a full hearing of the complaints procedure shall take place.

Initially members concerned will meet with the Administrator of the Foundation and/or senior person within the foundation to air their differences and try to achieve a resolution of the complaint. The Administrator shall try and investigate whether there are any misunderstandings in relation to the parties involved or other minor issue that can be easily clarified and the issues resolved amicably.

A written account of the complaint is sought and a response is invited from the complainant. The written response from the complainant is offered to the accused and is invited to comment. If the response does not satisfy the complainant, then the accused member is asked to comment further until a resolution is found. If no resolution is agreed then the parties to the complaint is given the following options, 1 Arbitration 2. The complaints procedure 3.Termination of the complaint.

Complaints and Disciplinary procedure.

The aim of the procedure is to protect the good name of the foundation, its therapists and the patients/clients who attend our practitioners.

A complaint may be brought by a member of the public seeking or using the services of a member of the Foundation, either in person or via a third party acting on their behalf and with their authority, or by a member of the foundation in respect to another member.

The Complaints and disciplinary committee can only deal with complaints in relation to students or members of the Astral Healing foundation.

A complaint shall be lodged within 5years of the event of the substance of the complaint. All records of the complaint shall be kept for a period of 5 years from the date of receipt of the complaint. The foundation is not responsible for travel or any other expenses incurred by the complainant or the member complained against in connection with any stage of the complaint.

On receipt of a complaint that is regarded as serious, the Administrator of the Foundation shall forward the complaint to the Complaints committee within 3 days of receiving the complaint. All complaint procedures are conducted with confidentiality. All records, notes, sheets , induction notes etc, must be kept by all parties.

The complaints committee will contact the accused member within 14 working days of receiving the complaint. The member’s details will be temporarily removed from the Foundations website and promotional literature for the duration of the complaint. The therapist shall be allowed 28 days to suspend their client list so as to organise their defence of the claim against them. The complaints committee will determine if an external Garda investigation is deemed appropriate if necessary. The committee will endeavour to remedy the complaint through informal resolution and if this is not possible then a investigation will be initiated.


At the earliest practical opportunity, the member will be notified of an Complaint investigation in writing. This will inform the member, in plain language, the nature of the complaint, allegation of complaint, an official form of caution allowing a response within the rules of evidence and the right of legal/friendly representation. At the same time they will be given the Foundations Code of Complaints procedure and their rights within the complaints procedure. If the investigation is not completed within 120 days of the complaint been lodged then an interim report will be given to both parties explaining the position of the complaint at that time.

On completion of an investigation of a file will be prepared for the Disciplinary sub committee to access the file and its recommendations. If the committee decides that there is a case/ allegations to answer then a form dealing with those allegations will be prepared and served upon the accused. The accused will be notified of the file of evidence and will be presented with this file not less then 7 working days prior to the hearting to allow legal preparation and defence.

The hearing of the case shall be in the form of an informal tribunal. The subcommittee will hear the evidence of both parties and shall give the evidence the weight it considers correct on the basis of the best evidence rule.

The committee will base its findings on the balance of probabilities and will state its reasons for those findings. The findings of the sub committee will be made in writing to both parties within 14 working days of the hearing as well as the reasoning for those findings. Any sanction will be notified in its writings.

Failure to attend the complaints hearing by either the complainant or the accused member should be given at least 15 days prior to the hearing. The committee will exercise their option to either adjourn the hearing to a further date (within 28 days of the hearing), or may hear the matter in any one or both parties absence and it may terminate the procedure.

The subject of the proceedings will have 28 days in which to lodge a notice of appeal. Having lodged the notice they will be given 15 days in which to furnish the grounds of the appeal. The appeal will be heard by the next Astral Healing Foundation Post Graduate Committee meeting after receipt of grounds and notice.

The subject will be allowed  submit new evidence provided it adheres to the rules of evidence and the nature of the new evidence submitted in full to the complaints sub committee prior to 7 full working days before the Post graduate committee meeting.

On hearing the appeal, the committee may confirm, vary or set aside the findings of the subcommittee. Its findings will be notified to the subject on completion of the hearing and its reasons for that finding within 7 working days of the meeting.

The complainant may at any time withdraw the complaint. When two parties are bringing a complaint and one party withdraws the complaint, then the complaint will be carried to completion.

If a member resigns from the association or chooses not to renew their membership of the association while under investigation, then this action will be ignored until the completion of the investigation into the complaint.

At all stages of the procedure any party may have a friend, or legal representative etc accompany them during any process of the investigation.

The subcommittee shall consist of at least 3 members, one being the administrator of the Foundation and the other two having some knowledge or experience in legal/disciplinary matters. The members of the subcommittee shall have no vested interest in the parties involves so as to avoid allegations of impartiality. The chair of the subcommittee will have the responsibility of ensuring that the investigations and meeting with regards the complaint is conducted in a manner which shows due regard to the gravity of the complaint.

All written evidence must be submitted within 28 days of the hearing of the complaint. All parties involved in the complaint are allowed access to any written evidence submitted to the investigation.

New evidence may be submitted by both parties provided it is pertinent to the hearing. Both parties are entitled to question witness statement if they wish to. If no party issues a request then no witness’s may be called.

Failure to attend by both parties must be notified to the Subcommittee at least 15 days prior to the hearing. The committee reserves the right to terminate the proceedings and so bring the complaint to an end, Adjourn the hearing to a further date not later then 28 days hence, or have the hearing offered if admitted by the other party and reach adjudication.

The accused member shall be allowed have a friend or chaperone/legal representative present at all times during the proceedings. The legal representative shall be allowed speak on behalf of the accused if he so wishes.

The foundation reserves the right to publish the results of the investigation within its own publications or elsewhere.

The termination of the Foundation Members membership shall be notified to all members.

As all certificate’s, letters of accreditation, logo’s, stamps, paper, headings etc remain the property of the Astral Healing Foundation at all times, if they are requested from the accused/ ex member then they should be submitted to the Foundation.

During investigations every effort will be made to protect the individual’s privacy.

If a member is suspended from the Foundation, he may reapply at yearly intervals for readmission to the Foundation. The disciplinary committee must satisfy themselves as to the fitness of the member to practise as a therapist.


Students who satisfactory pass the Final Examination of the Astral Healing Level 2 therapist training course are entitled to apply as members of the Astral Healing Foundation. They are entitled to call themselves Astral Healing therapists and use the abbreviation (M.A.H.F) after their name.

Students must complete Astral Healing Level 1 to proceed to Astral Healing Level 2 Training Course.

Students who successfully complete Astral Healing Level 2 can treat the general public.

Successful students of Level 1 can treat their self, friends and family but not for monetary gain.

Upon recording 450 client hours in supervision the Astral Healing therapist is entitled to use the words Accredited Astral Healing therapist (A.M.A.H.F) after their name.

Students of any courses of the Foundation are required to hold student insurance if practising on the general public. No fee may be charged by students of any course given by the foundation when working on the public and the student must inform the person that they are still in a course of study in relation to the therapy given.

Annual General Checklist for Membership Re: Code of Ethics, standards of Practise of the Astral Healing foundation.

This form must be completed by both therapist with their supervisor for renewal or new membership of the Astral Healing Foundation. Forward with application to Foundation with Membership fee’s, copy of cert.’s, log of supervision sessions etc.

Student/Member                            Date           Supervisor.

Does the therapist agree to be bound by the rules, code of ethics & Standards of the Foundation Yes/No.

Is Insurance in Place   yes/no    Insurance No.______________

Is the member in Supervision yes/no. Name of Supervisor.__________ No of yearly sessions__

Has the Student Completed 10 sessions of Analytical Energy Analysis of their own therapy. Yes/No. Name of Therapist_______________Is therapy Completed. Yes/No

Has the Therapist Read and Understood the Rules, code of practise and Ethics of the foundation. Yes/no.

Does the Therapist, record & hold EACH Client’s records for a minimum of 7 years yes/no.

Is the therapist attending the foundations training courses (1 per year min)yes/no. Name of Course____________________________________________________________

Does the therapist have a brochure/website with the Foundations details on the literature yes/no______________________________________________________________

Does the Therapist always use a thrown/Blanket over their clients while working a plinth yes/no.

In your opinion is the therapist/student confident/qualified to practise as a therapist. yes/no  Why_________________________________________________

Does the therapist require any further training? Yes/No Why___________________

Does the therapist understand the Complaints procedure? Yes/No

Does the therapist limit Physical contact to the clients head, hands and feet only yes/No

Does the therapist have a written contract/brochure in place for their clients yes/no

Does the therapist only treat minors when an adult is present (Under 18). Yes/No.

Does the therapist understand all issues in relation to client confidentiality. Yes/No

Signed  proposed member:                                                                Signed Supervisor                                Date:

The Astral HealingFoundation


Trustees of the Foundation

Educational Training School

Steering Committee

Head of Administration

Disciplinary, Code of Ethics Committee

Administration Support


Support Lecturers

General Code of Conduct for Healers who must:

Therapists must improve their own knowledge and abilities

Treat clients and the public in a respectful and honourable fashion

Treat people who wish to be treated who have given their permission

Avoid misusing their knowledge or abilities that disempowers or abuses the rights of the individual.

Take responsibility for their clients while on their premises. The premises should be kept in a professional manner and concur with health and safety regulations.

Recognise their limitations and capabilities and always refer out a client to a therapist if they feel the client warrants such treatment.

Have insurance in place and agree to abide by the rules of their association.

Must produce their membership number, qualifications when requested to do so.

Ascertain, whenever necessary, if the client has received medical treatment for such attending conditions.

Understand and act within the law of the land.

Give explanations as to their course of action of the therapy to the client in the first session

Healers must NEVER

Advertise in an unethical fashion. (Guarantee success rate etc, miss-advertise their services)

Use titles or descriptions in the promotion of their work unless they are qualified to use such titles.

Give healing while medically or psychologically unfit to do so.

Give healing as a student unless accompanied by a qualified person in the discipline unless specifically having been authorised to do so by the tutor of their course.

Falsify documents or amend patient’s notes.

Discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, religion, political, age or disability.

Guarantee, promise or imply a cure.

Respect the clients wish’s, emotions and body and tell the client as to where they will be working and only what parts of the body will be touched by the person.

Respect the views and beliefs of the individual.

Have an adult, guardian or parent present when treating a person under the age of 16.

Written permission must be obtained by the healer to treat clients under 18 without a adult present.

Ask a client to remove articles of clothing other then spectacles, shoes or other incidental items.

Give a medical diagnosis to a client.

Advice or comment or a particular course of medical treatment.

Have a third party present unless they are at the request of the client.

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