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Astral Healing

An Energetic treatment developed to empower and enlighten mankind.

What is Astral Healing?

Astral Healing is an energetic light body treatment based upon the science of psychology and energy healing. The treatment is a fast and effective method to relieve human suffering whether it manifests on an emotional, mental, physical or spiritual level of our being. Astral Healing is conducted through the chakra, cauldron, emotional light body and the tree of life energetic systems of our Soul. Astral healing will change you and your world because your inner emotional world constructs reality of which is reflected in your outer physical world.

Astral Healing Level 1 introduces the concepts of energy psychology so that the Astral Healing technique can be practised for family and self healing.

Astral Healing level 2 introduces the student to various healing methodologies to transmute such energies as bereavement, eating disorders, addictions, relationship formation etc. After successfully completing level 2, the student will be in a position to administer the Astral Healing technique to the general public. Level 2 is taught over a series of weekend workshops consisting of theoretical and practical class’s.

Astral Healing Level 3 introduces the concept of meridian psychology on the crown chakra which removes blockages within the human body.


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